A day in the life of an au pair

There is no typical day in the life of an au pair, as it can change based on their host family, where they live, the time of year, and many other factors. While daily life for au pairs comes in all shapes and sizes, every au pair experience has at least one thing in common: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the USA, form deep bonds with a host family, and create memories that will last forever.

For example, meet Flo — an 18-year-old au pair from Switzerland who lives in Colorado. Flo takes care of two school-age children, Ainsley and Brenna. Take a look at an average day in Flo’s au pair life:

7:30 am

Wake up, make breakfast for the kids, get them ready for school

8:15 am

Walk them to school

9:00 am

Go on a hike at local park, then to Starbucks to work on a school project

1:00 pm

Prepare tomorrow's lunch, tidy up the kids' bedrooms

2:30 pm

Pick the kids up from school

3:00 pm

Prepare a snack, help with their homework

4:15 pm

Do an art project with the kids

5:00 pm

Cook with host parents, help set the table

6:30 pm

Eat dinner with host family

8:00 pm

Get kids ready for bed, read them a story

9:15 pm

Meet up with friends for ice cream and karaoke