Program Fee & Other Costs

With Cultural Care you’re choosing the best au pair program out there. We offer you an exceptional experience in the USA at a fair price with no hidden costs

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As a Cultural Care au pair, you are signing up for a premium program – the highest quality way to live and work abroad. At Cultural Care we use our 30 years of expertise to make sure you get the best training and preparation and support throughout your journey. Find out more about why we are the best option to help you in your au pair experience.

Best of all, at Cultural Care we won't ask you to pay anything until you’ve found your family. That means you can learn more about our program, work on your au pair application and even match with your host family completely free of charge.

Once you match with a host family and decide on an arrival date in the USA, we’ll ask you to pay a one-time program fee.

Program Fee: 1,500 EUR

Your one-time payment includes a comprehensive group insurance policy for your initial au pair term, your round-trip airfare*, global support 24/7 and all additional program benefits.

We have worked with Erika Insurance Ltd. since 1995 – and together, we have created a custom group travel policy to help give you complete peace of mind.

Having an exceptional insurance plan means that you can participate in all the exciting activities organised by Cultural Care or your host family and friends without worrying. The plan includes:

  • Illness and accident coverage
  • Coverage for loss of baggage and property damage/theft
  • Liability and legal coverage
  • Roundtrip airfare if your program is interrupted due to death or serious illness in immediate family
  • 24-hour emergency assistance via the free phone number

Find out more details on our insurance coverage by contacting us.

Both au pairs and host families pay a program fee to participate in this mutually beneficial cultural exchange program. As program participants, they fulfill different obligations and receive unique benefits. Learn more about the benefits of the au pair program.

Additional Costs

We also want to make you aware of some additional costs that will arise throughout your travel preparation. Please note that these fees are not paid to Cultural Care, but are required to participate in the au pair program:

  • Visa fee: $160 (payable to the U.S. Embassy)
  • Police Certificate
  • G.P Health Check
  • International Driving License

Peace of Mind Guarantee: Special protection due to the current Covid 19 situation

We are currently offering a Peace of Mind Guarantee, which is a special protection during the current Covid-19 situation. Peace of Mind gives you an extra security during uncertain times.

If you take this guarantee you will receive a 100% refund of the programme fee if any of the following conditions are met up to 30 days before your departure:

  • Your local government prohibits travel to the USA
  • The US government prohibits travel from your country to the USA
  • Your host family cancels the program due to concerns or sickness of Covid-19

*valid on completion of the programm