Become an au pair in Massachusetts

Being an au pair in Massachusetts is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the USA and gain independence.

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As an au pair in Massachusetts, you’ll be living on the East Coast of the USA. What makes Massachusetts special is both the nature with have beach and mountains close by, and of course the friendly people! Although the winters can be a little cold and snowy, the outgoing and friendly people make an au pair experience in Massachusetts truly memorable.

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Marie Kalousova, au pair from Czech Republic

"I am absolutely in love with Massachusetts. People are amazing here: friendly, nice and they want to help you with everything! Boston is the best place to meet friends, and we are never bored."

Tessa Heindle, au pair from Germany

"The sports teams in MA are the best! You can enjoy hockey games, football games, basketball games and baseball games."

Why be an au pair?

If you love children and crave the opportunity to experience life in another country, the au pair programme could be the perfect next adventure for you. As an au pair, you’ll gain the following